The Collision King
Scrum 360°

The Rhino Collision King Scrum 360°

Background & Training Effect

The Collision King Scrum 360° is part of The Collision King Technical Training Range and has been designed and created to give the coach and players a series of different challenges relating to the Scrum and Maul. It is a complete scrum system which enables coaches and players to work on a number of technical build ups on just one piece of equipment.

The Scrum 360° has many features that will develop your scrum from individual work through to working in units and then finally to your full scrum set-up. Due to the unique design of the machine it will test your players in many different ways e.g. accurate body height, individual and collective movement principles and techniques, working your players under different types of fatigue and team cohesion. The Scrum 360° also has a separate maul attachment that can easily be added to the machine to practice different set-ups of maul formation.


The Collision King Scrum 360° – Technical Information

The Scrum 360° has been engineered to create a circular base plate which changes the way the machine moves compared to the historical rectangular bases. A newly designed mauling attachment can also be added to create a complete scrum/maul system on one piece of kit. The Scrum 360° dimensions are 2870mm (l) x 2234mm (w) x 1280mm (h) and Maul attachment dimensions are 1400mm (l) x 1850mm (w) x 1180mm (h)


Key Coaching Points – Scrum 360°

System 1 – The Scrum 360° Sled: the sled is set up on a circular base plate which allows the machine to move completely differently to your ‘usual’ rectangular based scrum machines. The Scrum 360° head has been designed so that you can create the correct width on the scrum head for your Tighthead and Loosehead. Every machine, through a simple adjustment to the scrum pads, can be unique to each front row that packs down on the machine.

System 2 – The Scrum 360° “head” is held in place by two heavy duty locking plates that can easily be added on and taken off the machine. Once the plates have been removed, the scrum head becomes rotational and has horizontal and vertical movement which is brought about by a 3-spring system. This dynamic brings around a completely different movement for your scrum to control – your players must work in unison to control the machine head and the circular base which will create a completely different scrum dynamic.

System 3 The final system that can be created on the Scrum 360° is taking away the last locking shafts which are placed on the top of the 3-spring system. This results in the Scrum 360 head only being held by the spring system which creates an outstanding dynamic for working individual players, front row and prop/lock/flank set-up.

System 4 A maul attachment can be added to the Scrum 360° which is connected to the back of the circular base plate at the opposite end of the machine to the scrum head. The maul attachment has been designed with three separate maul pads that can change position depending on what maul set-up you as a coach want to create for your players.  Due to the circular plate you can roll the maul and the base plate will move with the pressure created by your maul formation.