The Inside Track
About Global Sports Innovation

Global Sports Innovation (GSI) is solely owned and managed by Richie Gray. The company designs, produces and licences training equipment for the sport of Rugby Union and the global “Collision” sports market. We also act as a consultant and/or partner to major sporting brands looking to develop equipment within their training products range.

What we do

Through analysis and challenging coaching theories GSI invents, designs and manufactures innovative collision sports technical training equipment that will change the way the sport is coached. In doing so, will change the way the sport is played, to make the dynamic player movement within that sport more accurate and technically proficient.

Company Goals and Objectives

The main goal of GSI, is to be known globally as the market leader for the innovation of technical training equipment in the sport of Rugby Union and the “Collision” sports market. This in turn will provide new training aids to create more technically skilled players in the sport in which they are competing.